As a department, we feel that education should not be soley the province of the young, and to this end, we are very active in encouraging 'senior members' to visit us for 'Tea Parties' complete with our own brand of historically themed entertainment. These can be arranged exclusively for your own group, or by attending one of our regular 'Tea Party' dates.

For more vulnerable members of the community, we can provide either a 'reminiscence therapy' service or a 'look back at the past' session, dependant on the requirements. These sessions take place at our Institute location, or by visiting you on an outreach basis.

By recalling past events, interpersonal, information reminiscence or 'reminiscence therapy' utilises past life events to provide a sense of comfort and fulfilment as people look back on and share information about their own personal lives. Our sessions encourage communication, interaction about the past and comparisons with the present with an aim to strengthen individual cognitive memory.

By providing artefact prompts such as photographs, household objects, music, toys, recordings and everyday objects from the past as reminiscence tools, we aim to encourage chronological memory recall focusing on major significant life events.

Daisy Robinson
Education Manager

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