We offer a selection of workshops both on and off the railway which support the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 as well as pre-school/reception years. Our education department is experienced in delivering workshops and bespoke activities for those with special educational or learning requirements.

Please be aware when booking, train journeys are generally only available during Railway service days. ( for service days). A series of workshops are still available during non running times.

Contact our Education Manager to discuss cross-curricular days, outreach visits, and educational days at the railway.

Keystage : 1
What were holidays like in the past? Where did families go? How were they entertained?
Travel with Aunty Dotty along the "Poppy Line" and discover holidays of the yesteryear.
Keystage : 1
An introduction to history via toys from the past. Compare old and new, past and present and discover different materials.
Toys From The Past is an outreach activity.
Keystage : 1, 2 & 3
Explore the lives and emotions of children evacuated to Norfolk during World War Two.
This highly interactive workshop allows students to feel that they have experienced history first hand.
Keystage : 1, 2 & 3
Extending children's knowledge about evacuee life during World War Two.
This workshop allows visiting students to take steps deeper into interactive learning by creating their own World War Two personas before they attend the "Evacuees Christmas Party"
Keystage : 1 & 2
How much do you know about the history of seaside holidays? Compare seaside holidays of the past, explore entertainment with the 'End of the Pier' show, discuss holiday communications and handle vintage artefacts.
Keystage : 1 & 2
As a 1930s newspaper reporter it is your special assignment to travel to Egypt to write the article of your life time. When you arrive you will be learning about the fabulous new tomb that has been uncovered as well as finding out about the people who built it.
Keystage : 1 & 2
Travel back in time to become a Victorian for the day.
This immersive workshop will allow children to explore the Victorian class system through the experiences and every day lives of Norfolk folk.
Keystage : 1, 2 & 3
Through the medium of the "Time Tour Guide" students are able to discover the changes brought to the Norfolk seaside communities due to the arrival of the steam railway. Explore how lives and livelihoods were altered forever.
Keystage : 2 & 3
Brilliant 1950s fun for all ages.
The Mystery Train invites visiting students to become detectives for the day as they help to unravel the mystery of the stolen jewels.
Keystage : 2 & 3 +
Through the medium of a "Time Tour Guide", students will gain a greater understanding of the why's, where's, and who's of the Great War.
A fast paced journey through an important 20th Century period.
Keystage : All Stages
Would your school benefit from an out of classroom learning experience but you just can't find the right workshop? Our Education department can custom design a workshop based around your requirements.

Daisy Robinson
Education Manager

01263 710483

Downloadable Resources

Below is a selection of resources suitable for your schools pre visit preparation.

Evacuees Resources

Evacuees Teachers Pack
What To Wear
Identity Card
Evacuee Names
Bethnal Green Map

Victorian Resources

What To Wear
Victorian Etiquette
Victorian Lunch